Cruising Undercover by Terry Odell (ePUB)

cruising undercover, terry odell

Cruising Undercover (Blackthorne, Inc. #11) by Terry Odell – Free eBooks Download


It’s supposed to be a simple assignment aboard a luxury yacht, but soon, he’s in over his head.

Private investigator Dante Russo is content working in the Security and Investigations Department at Blackthorne, Inc., where risks are low. But when the former head of the company hand picks him for an international “Find and Retrieve” assignment to locate his missing grand-nephew, Dante has no choice but to accept. Even though it means being far away from home for several weeks, Dante needs his job to support his aging grandmother. What should be a pleasant cruise on a luxury yacht turns into something far more than he ever expected—or is qualified to handle. Putting his job on the line is one thing, but he never expected his life to be in danger.
When Belinda Novak’s fiancé learned she had cancer, he took off. After being in remission for two years, she sets off on a dream cruise on the Adriatic Sea to absorb her heritage. To discover the new Belinda. Her imagination runs wild as she wonders what her ancestors’ lives might have been like. When she meets a handsome stranger on board the yacht, there’s something mysterious about him, something Belinda can’t put her finger on. Her wacky sense of humor should keep him from getting serious. A shipboard romance is out of the question. She’s not going to get burned a second time. She survived cancer but will he put her in an entirely different kind of danger?

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