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cruel lies, celia crown

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“I’d hate to make you cry more when I take you back.”

Marcel is kind, generous, and compassionate. He’s also hostile, mean, and unsympathetic.
Moving in with her older brother’s best friend—an absurdly handsome and wealthy actor—is not what Bell wanted. Marcel didn’t give her a choice when he promises he’ll take care of her while she works on her dream college program.

He won’t expose her to the hideous experience of the entertainment industry. He’d love to wrap his arms around her with cameras showing the world that Bell is his.
He’s aware of how much pain and changes the industry can do to someone. There’s no need to tap into that unsightly world to control her.
Marcel is good at what he does. He’s confident in his power over her, but too much desire will ruin his plan.
Day after day, Marcel smiles at her with adoration, watches with overwhelming love, and touches with so much possessive pain.

“Growing pains,” he’d say.

He never put a hand on her, but she seems to always be hurt when she’s with him. Maybe that’s why Bell has always been scared of him.
He’s just as much of a manipulator as he is a liar.
Bell doesn’t stand a chance, nor will she ever have one.

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