Crooked Paradise: The Complete Series by Eva Chance (ePUB)

crooked paradise, eva chance

Crooked Paradise: The Complete Series by Eva Chance, Harlow King – Free eBooks Download


A rebellious gang princess, four hot dangerous gangsters, one psycho stalker, and a revenge scheme that could destroy everything in Paradise Bend…

My arranged marriage should have forged an alliance between my fiancé’s gang and my father’s. It turns out my fiancé had other plans. Like slaughtering my entire family the night before the wedding.
I make it out alive, left with nothing but a thirst for vengeance. To crush the prick who betrayed me, I have to turn to the biggest pricks of them all.
Hot, cocky, and dangerous, Wylder Noble and his men rule Paradise Bend. If I pass their brutal tests to prove I deserve their help, my ex doesn’t stand a chance.
But there are deeper troubles stirring in my hometown. While I try to figure out whether I’d rather kiss or kill my infuriating allies, I’ve got a deranged psycho leaving gruesome presents at my window. Outsiders are invading our streets, preparing for war.
If they think our little county will be easy pickings, they couldn’t be more mistaken. The Nobles are far from noble when tackling a threat, and I’m no damsel in distress.
Before this is over, someone’s going to bleed. And this time, it won’t be me.

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