Crimson Stained Catalyst by Rebecca Ethington (ePUB)

crimson stained, rebecca ethington

Crimson Stained Catalyst (The Last Fae King #1) by Rebecca Ethington – Free eBooks Download


Caspyn hunts Fae. Every since they killed his sister he has made it his goal to end them all.
Stories about him spread through Okivo, tales about the Wanderer who hunts the Fae that once enslaved his kind and harvested their magic. Magic that Caspyn still has, Magic that could get him killed if The Queen were to find out what he held… or what he knew.
Which is why Caspyn isn’t just hunting Fae. He’s working his way closer to The Queen, and to the Princess who lore says is the only one with magic strong enough to end The Queen. If he hopes to undo the scourge that is coming and save his sister from the dangers the Queen is about to unleash against them all he must reach The powerful Princess before it is too late.

The Princess who has been rumored to have no magic.
Princess Elara has been locked away since her Catalyst died, and the magic that defined her as part of the royal family of Okivo died with him.
Elara is kept under lock and key, guarded by a man shrouded in black who is not allowed to speak. Desperate for her mothers acceptance, and a life outside of the walls she is kept in, Elara finally finds the courage to stand up to her mother, only to find herself in greater danger.
There is something that is growing and brewing inside of her, a magic that shouldn’t be possible without a Catalyst; a secret that her guard knows the truth about – but he must find his voice again to share it.

When Elara finally makes her move, she comes face to face with a man who has been clearly trained to kill. Except, he’s asking for her help.

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