Crime and Passion by L. B. Knight (ePUB)

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Crime and Passion (The Novak Chronicles #1) by L. B. Knight – Free eBooks Download


Finley Morrison moved back to Dumont in hopes of a fresh start. While her life is full of secrets, she’s praying they’re left behind. When confronted with her past, Finley flings herself into the drama of a family full of their own secrets. Between bartending at the Wolf’s Den and being the personal assistant of Drake Novak, Finley though she’d stay busy. Doesn’t the poor woman remember that tangling with a mob family is a dangerous game?
Nox Novak was told no. When Drake Novak, Nox’s uncle, spoke to his four nephews about Finley, they were told she was off limits. Did any of them understand or know why? For Nox, the moment his lips met Finley’s the reason no longer mattered. All Nox knew was that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. And Finley was the most delectable fruit he’s ever tasted. Slowly, Noc learns there’s more to Finley than he could ever have anticipated. Will he be able to forgive her transgressions?

What about Drake Novak?
What about Finley’s past?

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