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Creatures of Habit (Chosen #27) by J.D. Light – Free eBooks Download


Watching his across the street neighbor as he goes about his life has been one fo Boyce’s favorite pass-times for several months. There is just something about the man that draws his attention even before he meets the man. Imaging how surprised he is when the object of this small obsession asks him for help. Not only does he jump in feet first, so does his dog.

Wynn is pretty sure asking Boyce, his ridiculously hot neighbor with the delicious body and the gorgeous dog to help him with updating his security and monitoring system at the daycare was the smartest thing he’d ever done, especially when it leads to a friendship he didn’t see coming. He knows that Boyce is aware of shifters and that he used to work for the immortal division of the FBI, so he’s not at all surprised by the fact that the man wears a scent blocking bracelet. But he IS shocked when he ISN’T wearing it. Like, how could he have missed what was right under his nose shocked.

Finding your mate is the easy part. What do you do when life pulls you in every direction, but you would rather stay right where you are?

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