Craved by the Alien Alpha by Sloane Meyers (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Craved by the Alien Alpha (Zocrone of the Seven Galaxies #2) by Sloane Meyers – Free eBooks Download


Her quiet life is about to be shaken up by an irresistible alien alpha…

Maisie Scotts, a spaceship mechanic, loves living in the shadows. She prefers to keep her head down and work hard, not drawing any attention to herself. But when she uses her expertise in engine repairs to save the entire planet of Zocrone, there’s no escaping the spotlight—and there’s no escaping the attention of one very strong, very sexy Zocronian man. Maisie knows better than to let herself fall for an alpha like him. After all, she comes from a humble background, and if he knew who she really was he wouldn’t be so interested. Besides, the way he makes a joke out of everything makes his true feelings hard to read. But the harder she tries to run away, the more her heart calls her back…

Jarmuk Kader is no stranger to the spotlight, since he’s spent most of his life as the Chief’s right hand man, helping to run the planet. Jarmuk is also well-known in Zocrone as one of the strongest, hardest workers in the mines. He’s the very definition of a man’s man, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy being him. He often feels like an imposter who doesn’t measure up, and he constantly jokes around to hide those insecurities. But when a beautiful, brilliant human captures his heart, it’s time to get serious and embrace the alpha male deep within him. He’s about to show Maisie Scotts that being claimed by a Zocronian man is no laughing matter.
Can Jarmuk convince Maisie that his passion for her is serious business, before she runs away for good? Read this sizzling sci fi alien romance to find out!

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