Crashed by J.C. Vixen (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

crashed, jc vixen, epub, pdf, mobi, download

Crashed (Cats of Lost Island #1) by J.C. Vixen – Free eBooks Download


First you crash land into the Atlantic…Then you paddle to the nearest hidden island where you can quench your thirst for a hot, rugged shifter…

When a flock of seagulls collide with their private jet, young executive Maeve is forced to crash land into the Atlantic Ocean. Using an emergency raft, she and her three co-workers paddle to what they believe to be is the Cayman Islands. But what they soon realize is that they have stumbled upon an island they have never seen on a map before. Minutes after arriving they meet Finn—a man who lives deep in the jungle with a small village of people. Maeve is then introduced to Lux, the leader of the people and the only man who can supply the women the tools they need to escape the island. But as Maeve and Lux clash, she begins to realize that the handsome (and arrogant) young man has a secret—an ancient secret that has been kept from the civilized world for centuries.

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