Cowboy’s Competition by April Murdock (ePUB)

competition, april murdock

Cowboy’s Competition (Silverstone Dude Ranch #3) by April Murdock – Free eBooks Download


He finally realized she’s the one—but so did someone else.

As a wedding planner, Jayce has seen it all—bridezillas, cheating grooms, ceremonies that turned into brawls. He promised himself he’d never make the mistake of falling for anyone, especially not his best friend Chloe.
But when a research trip calls her out of state, a chasm opens in his life he can’t deny. Ring in hand, he waits with anticipation and excitement to confess his deepest secret… until she walks in with another man.
Chloe is done waiting for Jayce. It’s time to move on, and the opportunity in Texas is exactly what she needs. When August, a local rodeo star, falls head over heels for her, she welcomes his attention. That is, until Jayce arrives in Texas for their annual vacation and all the feelings she thought she’d successfully buried rise to the surface. Her head insists her path leads to August. But her heart whispers otherwise.
Drowning in jealousy and regret, Jayce is forced to make an agonizing choice. Should he confess his feelings and risk ruining their friendship? Or should he step aside and give her a chance at happiness—even if it means he might end up alone without his best friend and love of his life?

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