Cowboy’s City Slicker by Aja Foxx (ePUB)

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Cowboy’s City Slicker (Eagle Creek Ranch #1) by Aja Foxx – Free eBooks Download


I thought I had everything I could ever need right here on the Eagle Creek Ranch until Ethan Walker walked into my life. He was a city slicker right down to his polished dress shoes. He had no business being here, but I didn’t want him to leave, especially since I can’t seem to keep my hands off of him. Too bad he doesn’t plan to stick around.

Forced to come to Montana from New York City for the reading of my estranged father’s will, I knew I wouldn’t be staying. I didn’t even pack an overnight bag. I didn’t plan on being here that long. Little did I know that my dead father had other ideas.

In order the inherit my father’s ranch and save the men who worked there, I had to accept the conditions of the will. A year in hell was a small price to pay when I learned someone was stealing from the ranch, but it just might kill me. Literally. Someone is out to take the ranch and they need me out of the way to make that happen. My only chance is to put my trust one the one man I can’t have.

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