Cowboy Wolf’s Secret Baby by Brittany White (ePUB)

cowboy wolf's baby, brittany white

Cowboy Wolf’s Secret Baby (Fated to the Wolf #4) by Brittany White – Free eBooks Download


“My wolf shifter vanished from my life when his memory was erased, leaving me with a daughter, a broken heart, and hopeless dreams. For years, I dreamt of his return, uncertain if my heart would ever be whole again.”

I never knew, when they brought me the broken body of a wolf shifter, a cowboy in the rodeo, that he would steal my heart. I used my magic as a healer witch to mend his body, and we fell in love. We had plans of a long, loving life together – until his memory of me and our love was stolen from him.
Shortly after he disappeared, I discovered that I was pregnant. I raised the little girl, Taryn, who looked and acted so much like her father that she became a part of the rodeo as well. During one of those events, the man I had dreamed about so often over the past eleven years, rode back into my life.
Soon, he recovered his memory, and he fell in love with me again. We made plans to be a family. Then, one fateful night at the rodeo, he was stampeded by a herd of enraged bulls. He barely survived.
It took all of my and Taryn’s healing talents to keep him alive. Once he was able, he left again, returning to his home in Angel’s Creek, out of fear for his life. He left me, Taryn, and his unborn baby behind.
A wolf shifter – The rodeo man who stole my heart.
A wolf shifter – A little girl who reminded me so much of the man I loved.
An evil witch – My mother, who is determined to destroy my love and my life so I will turn toward dark magic.

The man of my dreams came back to me and for a while, life was perfect, until my mother decided to kill him. Would my wolf shifter and our love survive?
Cowboy Wolf’s Secret Baby is a standalone book in the Fated To The Wolf Series. It’s a full-length romance packed with Love, Passion, and Heat!

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