Cowboy Wanting Everything by Jessie Gussman (ePUB)

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Cowboy Wanting Everything (Coming Home to North Dakota #10) by Jessie Gussman – Free eBooks Download


When Lavender met billionaire hunk Thaddaeus Hart five years ago, she thought he was a jerk who needed a major attitude adjustment.
She would be absolutely fine to never see him again. She’s perfectly happy working in Sweet Water at her family’s auction barn and taking care of an elderly lady who’s keeping her daughter’s two small children. She never even thinks of Thad anymore.
Hardly ever.
Thad doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but he does believe that sometimes a man’s attention gets caught by a good woman and it’s hard to focus on anything else for the next five years. Or something like that.
Finally, because he’s the boss and the boss can take a vacation, he decides to go ahead and take a vacation by getting a ranching job at the same place where Lavender just so happens to be babysitting and helping the elderly woman hold on to her ranch. If he spends a few weeks with Lavender, he’ll realize she’s just like every other woman he knows.
Except she’s not. And a few weeks isn’t nearly long enough to spend with her. But she is going to hate him when she finds out he’s been deceiving her all this time. Unless he really becomes what he’s claimed to be – penniless. Is one woman worth risking everything for?

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