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Cowboy, Take Me Away (McAllister Brothers #1) by Karigan Hale – Free eBooks Download


Brock and Kennedy are like orange juice and toothpaste. But when an outside force threatens both their lives, they will be forced to find common ground to survive. Can they also find love?

You ever have an “OH CRAP!” moment? I’m not talking about the lowercase “oh crap, I got mustard on my new blouse” kind of moment. No, I’m talking about the all caps, multiple exclamation point, probably warrants the F-word moment.
That’s the kind of moment I had when I woke up in a strange bachelor bedroom. Back in college, it wouldn’t have seemed so bizarre. What happens in college, stays in college—am I right? But I was almost thirty, and my bed-hopping days were behind me. So, whose bed was I in?
Undoubtedly, this bachelor pad belonged to Brock – a Hollywood handsome cowboy clad in well-worn jeans, cowboy boots, and a “wanna tame me?” smile. Couple that with the dark hair and blue eyes, and he was basically my kryptonite. And a one-night stand.
Especially since I couldn’t even remember our sexcapade. I had enough to worry about at work with a “relationship” adding to it. Being a safe farming advocate in “good ol’ boy” ranch country came with a lot of challenges. But now someone was vandalizing my office and threatening my life.
If I could stop running into Mr. Grumpypants HardAbs, maybe I could focus long enough to save my job and my life.

Of course the feisty hot blonde who picked me up in the bar turned out to be Kennedy Novak, local crusader currently stirring up trouble in town with a Safe Farming Rally. Blessing in disguise that she passed out before we could seal deal that night. Not that I’m telling her that. Let her wonder.
With increasingly violent threats to our ranch, I can’t help but wonder if she has a personal and professional vendetta against me. It would be much easier to accuse her if her body didn’t fit so perfectly against mine. And if I didn’t have an unexplained desire to keep her safe.

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