Cowboy Seeking Nanny by Janice Whiteaker (ePUB)

cowboy seeking nanny, janice whiteaker

Cowboy Seeking Nanny (Cowboy Classifieds #1) by Janice Whiteaker – Free eBooks Download


As a widowed father trying to build a family empire while juggling dirty diapers and bed times, Brody Pace has full hands.
And an empty bed.
Losing his high school sweetheart after the birth of their twins left him broken, battered, and lonely.
But business doesn’t wait, and neither do toddlers. With Red Cedar Ranch expanding into new territory, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to be a full-time dad and a full-time foreman.
Finding a nanny is a necessary evil. One Brody’s much more inclined toward once he sets eyes on the dark-haired beauty his mother hired to wrangle his headstrong daughters.
Clara is everything he thought he would never find again. She’s calm, caring, and compassionate. The sight of her with his daughters stokes something deep inside him.
Something Brody thought was gone forever.


Clara moved to Moss Creek, Montana on her last tank of gas, a whim and a prayer.
A contentious divorce left her and her sweet eight-year-old son with nowhere to go.
No one to depend on.
When she comes across the chance to work as a nanny on Red Cedar Ranch it sounds like a dream come true. A beautiful place to live. Income. Security.
And a cowboy with eyes blue as ocean water and a drawl that makes her knees weak.
But letting Brody close means putting the new life she just started on the line. It’s a risk that could lead to complete devastation.
Or the happiness she never thought would be hers.

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