Cowboy Dragon’s Single Mother by Brittany White (ePUB)

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Cowboy Dragon’s Single Mother (Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers #11) by Brittany White – Free eBooks Download


A dragon shifter must uproot his solitary life when a human single mother needs protecting.

The Human Single Mother:
My ex-husband threatened to kill me. And he tried to take my daughter.
After I escaped the hell of living with him, I was on my own.
Every day as a single mother was a marathon.
Until Mason walked into the bakery where I work.
I met Mason years ago, and he rejected me.
But I could never forget him.
Now this gorgeous cowboy is back in town, and he’s hotter than ever
Not only is he gorgeous, but he’s tough too — this sexy rancher rescues me from my violent ex.
We make love and everything is perfect
But then I find out — I’m pregnant
There’s no way I can tell him. I have to keep it a secret
Until I’m stunned by a revelation.
My love is not a man at all — he’s a powerful dragon shifter.
I’m carrying a dragon’s baby.
I can’t keep this secret for much longer.
But the truth could tear us apart.

The Cowboy Dragon Shifter:
Humans are fragile.
I lost my mother. My best friend. And my wife.
Because all of them were human.
I moved far away from town so I could be alone
I bought a ranch, and became a cowboy.
I found purpose in working with the cows, sheep and horses.
But my solitude doesn’t last.
Fate brings me back to my hometown,
where I run into a gorgeous woman who stole my heart.
I fell for her more than a decade ago, but this captivating woman is a human
with an adorable three-year-old daughter.
When she’s terrorized by her ex, I make sure he’ll never threaten her again.
I will not allow anyone to harm Holly, or her daughter.
I indulge my primal instincts, and make love to her.
My dragon insists that she’s my mate.
But I refuse to lose someone else that I love.
I’ll have to leave her, to keep her safe.
When a dragon shifter realizes a human woman is carrying his child, will he finally admit that she’s his one true mate?

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