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cowboy, melissa stevens

Cowboy (Ride with Me) by Melissa Stevens – Free eBooks Download


Learning to live again might get her killed, or worse.

After her divorce, Ava Gephart decided she was through letting life pass her by. Or letting anyone else run it for her. She was ready to make her choices and mistakes on her own. But was she ready for the consequences?
While Cowboy is having a drink while trying to unwind from the stress of managing the Kings of Destruction through a major transition, he spotted the woman across the room drinking alone. Something about the way she drank and danced seemed off. Man after man approached the beautiful woman, only to be rebuffed. When he hears two of her rejected talking about making her pay, he knows he can’t let it happen.
After getting her home, he puts her to bed, leaves her keys on the counter and locks up on his way out. But there’s something more to her story.
Will Ava figure out how to handle life on her own or will her own decisions lead to her getting hurt?

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