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cover me, nia arthurs

Cover Me (Doc Exclusives #3) by Nia Arthurs, Sylburn Arthurs – Free eBooks Download


SANTI: My wife cheated on me, but I won’t let her go.
So when I’m challenged to see a mechanic to fix our marriage, I give it a shot.
The problem? Doc tells me all the things I don’t want to hear.
But I’m certain my marriage failing isn’t my fault.
After all, I’m the perfect husband. Ashley is the nightmare.
I need to convince the mechanic to fix my wife.
If not, what’s left of our crumbling marriage will fall apart and nothing will be able to save it.

ASHLEY: I cheated on my husband and fell in love with someone else.
But my lover went back to his wife.
And now my husband can’t decide if he loves me, hates me or wants to punish me.
This is no fairytale but if it was, I’d be the villain.
So when Santi starts seeing Doc and makes changes to fix our marriage, I can’t believe it’s real.
After all, who wants to love the woman who messed up?
I’m done with relationships, but Santi isn’t taking no for an answer.
Can Doc rescue a marriage that’s so far gone? Or will I end up like the villains in the fairytales—defeated and alone?

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