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court of sunder, milana jacks

Court of Sunder (Age of Angels #2) by Milana Jacks – Free eBooks Download


I bargained with Lucifer. My end of this deal with the devil? Sneaking food into the prisoner’s cell. Raphael, powerful Lord of Court of Sunder, is no less magnificent even in defeat, with burning violet eyes that track my every move.
I shouldn’t even be around him for my dreams feel disturbingly like memories of forbidden things I’d done in a life I never lived. If he finds out about my terrors, he’ll know Lucifer can Mark me, and use me to his bidding.
But it’s hard hiding things from a male I’ve come to… like.

Michael risked catastrophe on the realm by taking a Marked one as his soul’s mate. I tried to stop him, and for my actions, he stripped my wings. I don’t know why my brother’s pretty soldier is helping me, but when the chance to escape comes, I take it. And I take her with me.
My plan: build an army and wreak revenge on Court of Command. But the moment my lips touch Neveah’s, everything shifts. Until the end of days, I want to lose myself in the pleasure of her mortal soul. But if my brother and I are divided, Lucifer wins, and those days will come to a bloody and violent end.

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