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count ways, haven rose

Count the Ways (Yours Everlasting Series 2022, #6) by Haven Rose – Free eBooks Download


The ink on my college degree is barely dry when I let my friends talk me into a vacation prior to starting my new career. I put so much focus into reaching this point, that I can’t argue with their logic. A week of sand and sun, and maybe another S-word if my friends get their way – and no, they’re not talking about snow? Sign me up. Then I meet fellow guest, Parker Dwyer, and I suddenly hope I get all three.
I work. A lot. This isn’t a newsflash as my mom constantly warns me that she’s giving up on having grandkids. Considering I haven’t dated in a decade, you’d think she would’ve done that long ago. But she’s an optimist and refuses to truly concede defeat. Hence, a surprise getaway for me before my promotion kicks in. I know she’s hoping my destiny awaits me there. When I arrive, I don’t see fate, though. Instead I meet Isabel O’Rourke, and I quickly realize they might be the same thing.
A fling ensues, yet both know it’s more. Unfortunately, the trip ends and wires get crossed. Assumptions are made and both fear they’ve lost their chance at their forever. Until she meets her new boss.

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