Could Have Been Romantic by Camilla Evergreen (ePUB)

could have been, camilla evergreen

Could Have Been Romantic (Could Have Been #3) by Camilla Evergreen – Free eBooks Download


My rules are simple; allow me to list them for you.
Rule one: no matter how perfectly adorable Bianca Jane Taylor is, do not ogle her.
Rule two: no matter how hard I fall in love with her, never let her know.
It should be simple, but if being a black autistic in a world built for white neurotypicals proves anything, nothing is as simple as it should be. Your tone of voice is never quite right. Your expressions are never exactly welcoming. And the girl you like happens to be asexual and aromantic.
Life isn’t fair, and it doesn’t make sense.
When Bianca is invited to Florida for a family reunion, the idea of my tiny, beloved boss leaving me for three weeks propels me into inviting myself along.
It’s just a trip.
Spending weeks living together while navigating her less-than-wonderful family is not going to reveal my secret. I won’t let it. Because I know the facts.
Loving her is selfish, and I have the list of reasons to prove it.
Even so, I can’t stop.

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