Cottage Cove Homecoming by Merri Maywether (ePUB)

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Cottage Cove Homecoming (Cottage Cove #1) by Merri Maywether – Free eBooks Download


In the small town of Cottage Cove, Conrad returns after years away, seeking help from the one person he’s always trusted: Whitney. But he’s taken aback when he encounters a remarkable change in her. No longer the shy and awkward girl he once knew, Whitney has blossomed into a sassy, sweet, and stunning woman with an impressive talent for baking.

When Whitney takes charge of a special project that could bring attention to the retired football pro, yearning to reconnect with his humble beginnings, Conrad finds himself drawn to her. However, Whitney, having learned from her past, is hesitant to embrace this newfound connection and allow herself to trust again.
Their collaboration on this important venture holds the key to either rebuilding broken bridges or destroying them completely. Working side by side reveals some surprises. At the top of the list is an attraction Whitney thought she buried years ago.But will Whitney have the courage to embrace her own transformation and unlock the door to a second chance at love? Or will her doubts and fears overshadow the possibilities of a beautiful future?

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