Costume Party Crush by Lacey Daize (ePUB)

costume party crush, lacey daize

Costume Party Crush (Holiday Surprise #7) by Lacey Daize – Free eBooks Download


Kaleb’s life is almost perfect, all he needs is to find his mate.

Kaleb loves his life. He has the greatest job in the world: painting decorative displays on windows. It lets him be outside and creative. His best friend is that ideal blend of supportive and teasing that keeps him happy. In fact, there’s only one—well two—things missing: his alpha and their eventual family. But he knows his fated mate is out there, and he’s going to live his best life so that his alpha finds a man who has made happiness for himself—including by attending a costume party to benefit the Valle Granja Art Museum.
Frankie’s ready to settle down, but no omega wants to mate the class clown.
Frankie has watched his friends find their partners and start their families, but all his attempts at dating fall flat, and the lonliness is starting to get to him. However their efforts to include him more and keep him from feeling left out verge on the absurd when he’s invited to be the third in a throuple costume at a Halloween party for the museum. But will it be the place where he can find himself a man to love?
More importantly, can they find each other in a crowd of costumes and masks?

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