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Corral Me (The Malevolent MC #1) by B.B. Blaque – Free eBooks Download


DISCLAIMER: This book contains strong and unfiltered language, uncensored adult situations, M/M, and violence

When my old man sent me away from the reservation where I was born, the Malevolent MC became my tribe. They didn’t care that my mom was a Blackfoot Indian and my dad was Italian. I was accepted because my old man was in the club. It was all that mattered. I was no longer Half-Breed—I was 100% Malevolent.
I rose through the ranks of the Montana and Nevada chapters without an issue. There was never a fight or woman I couldn’t win if I wanted. It made me arrogant AF. When you’re used to having any girl you want, you become a vain a$$hole just because you can. I’ve never felt a need to hide it. When everything you’ve ever wanted has come easy and all the women have been sleazy—it’s what you do. They fall at my feet, and I’m never afraid to kick them out of my bed when I’m done. They remind me of the show ponies and breeder horses my grandfather had—nice enough but no challenge. I always liked the wild horses. I had to work to get them to trust me enough to ride them. It took time. They mattered.Mama Stitch is the wild horse.For once I actually have to try to get what I want, and she isn’t easy.That’s why I need her and will have her.First, I have to cut things off with Kash and that’ll be easier said than done. He’s my closest brother, the first sergeant at arms, and our out-alpha each other thing is like a drug.Then, I have to find a way to get that crazy sweet-butt Shovelhead to leave me alone. That’s been like getting rid of a stripper’s glitter—nearly impossible.

I was raised in Upstate New York by my father. He taught me to stand up for myself, that I could do anything I put my mind to, and not to bow down to anyone. He was a cobbler and I learned to sew on the boots and leather vests of guys in motorcycle clubs. It made sense that I’d grow up dreaming of being with one of them—until I was. When the last of those relationships went tragically south, so did I—to Florida.In Ocala, I learned to ride my own bike. I vowed to never have to count on a man for my happiness in the wind. I also met Colt and Kash from The Masters MC. I became the friend of a club that was based on women bowing at their men’s feet—real deal BDSM—but they accepted me regardless. I accepted them.The ol’ ladies became my sisters and I became their resident seamstress—they gave me the road name Mama Stitch. Everyone around Marion County knows about the girl who rides her own bike and who carries guns in her sexy outfits. I’m single and happy about it. I didn’t want a guy in a club, and I’m not about to give up my bike.Then, The Masters patched over to the Malevolent and with that came Sundown Blackfoot. Somehow he missed the memo about me. The cocky, new sergeant at arms won’t leave me alone no matter how much I fight him and we fight hard! I do as my father taught me—stand my ground, don’t bow to anyone, and do any and everything I put my mind to.That was all working for me—until, I tried to put my mind to keeping him away.I hate him. I love the battle—but I’m losing. All I know to do is keep fighting for all I’m worth because I won’t get hurt again.Then there’s Saint. I don’t even know where to start with him.Two men want me, and I don’t want to be penned in by anyone. Not the blond BDSM master, and especially not that pretty tattoo artist with the long black hair and dimpled smile.

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