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Corey (Heroes of Tracy Creek #1) by Emily Evans – Free eBooks Download


I’ve had a huge crush on local police officer since the first time I saw him.
He’s so hot and handsome, and he’s in my shop every week, so it’s easy to imagine myself with him.
My cousin Nathan knows how I feel and supports my crush.
Until the moment Corey arrests Nathan for a robbery that I know he had nothing to do with.
The next time I see Corey, he’s helping me after I’m attacked in my own shop.
The way he cares about me tells me that my attraction might not be one-sided,
But then I remember.
Corey arrested the one who is like a brother to me and is convinced he’s a criminal.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Dana since the day I met her.
I haven’t done anything about it, but surely my constant visits to her shop must give her a hint about how I feel.
But when I have to arrest her cousin, I know I’ve lost my chance.
And then another robbery happens. At Dana’s shop.
I rush to the scene and don’t care how furious she must be at me. I’m staying with her until the ambulance arrives.
Seeing her scared and unprotected, I realize that I want her. I have to have her.
For life. Forever.
But will she ever forgive me for arresting her cousin?

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