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Cool Your Heels (The Undercover Cowboy Project #1) by Bonnie R. Paulson – Free eBooks Download


An artist, a cowboy, and a fake marriage. Nothing can go wrong…

I’m in the middle of my art show when the biggest jerk in a cowboy hat says my work isn’t worth wasting time on, let alone hard-earned money. I’m so mad I could spit!
Oh, well. Doesn’t matter. I’ll never have to see him again.
Wrong. The cowboy turns out to be my blind date the next night and I can’t leave because my sweet grandma set it up. How do you tell someone you love they have horrible taste in men?
Why, oh, why, do the crazy things have to happen to me?

Well, my friend, things go from lame to worse when he introduces me to his BROTHER as his wife! And there’s an ex-fiancé of mine that shows up at this horrible dinner party, too.
I’m ashamed to say… I introduced, um, I forgot his name – let’s just call him Cowboy – as my husband as well.
Now, all we need to do is figure a way out of this mess. Except, the more infuriating time I spend with him, the more he grows on me. If my grandma finds out, the “I told you so”s will last into eternity.

Please, don’t tell anyone I think he’s kind of hot or the fact that I fell face first into… okay, let’s just leave it alone.
Not only am I wearing horse manure, but I’m falling for this enigmatic and so irritating Cowboy and it isn’t going to end pretty, because see, for me, nothing ever does.
That’s my kind of luck.

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