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Cookies & Love (Love is Sweet #3) by Sadie Anne – Free eBooks Download


Sage has the right recipes for fantastic treats and decadent creations…but until Christian walked through the door the recipe for love hasn’t been hers. Find out how they create a sweet relationship…

My life’s been a little messy up until this point, but I think I have it all in order now.
Until…Dr. tall, dark, and doctoral degree walks into my sister’s hospital room.
Turns out, he’s a friend of my oldest brother, Thad, and that’s apparently an issue for my brother.
But it’s not for me.
I’m tired of not getting what I want in life.
I’m a tough cookie. Can I let Dr. Christian James crumble my walls?

New into town and making my way through a new speciality, I never expect to see one of my college roommates after a delivery.
And his sister is sweet, and I don’t mean just the fact that she co-owns a bakery, but her brother is bitter.
He’s demanded I not pursue her. But he never said I couldn’t let her pursue me.
Sage’s green eyes seem so much bigger under those dark frames, like they can see into me.
But the one thing I hide from her is the one thing that I can’t stop from happening.
And now I’m begging her brother to help me.

Will he or will that just be how the cookie crumbles?

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