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Consequences (Lady Beth Fitzwilliam #2) by Shana Granderson – Free eBooks Download


This concluding book of the Lady Beth Fitzwilliam story begins right at the point where Part 1 ended. The Bennets finally learn where their daughter had been for the last 18 years. We see their reactions which range from extreme anger to joy.

As would be expected, Bennet wants Lord Matlock’s head on a pike and wants to charge in ‘guns blazing’ given that he has not seen his daughter for so many years. His family agree that he has every right to be furious with the man who kidnapped his newborn daughter. What will they tell him, if anything, to calm his ire?
For Fanny Bennet it would be the first time she had ever seen the daughter she bore. Will she finally get to wrap her arms around her? What of Bennet, will he blow up Beth’s life or will he take her well-being into account? Will he show restraint or will he call Matlock out? What will the first meeting between Lady Beth and her birth family be like and under what circumstances will it occur?
How will the Fitzwilliams and Darcys react when they discover the truth of what the Earl of Matlock has done? Will the discovery come before or after Beth and William are married. If not, what will happen to ODC?
Will George Wickham finally take his revenge and if so what form will it take and against whom will he strike? Does he finally get his just desserts, and if so, from whose perspective are those desserts just? Will he be able to strike out at Beth fulfilling the bitter Anne de Bourgh’s dying wishes?

All of the above questions and many more will be answered as the story of Lady Beth Fitzwilliam concludes.

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