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Conrad (Heroes of Tracy Creek #4) by Emily Evans – Free eBooks Download


It’s been a while since I felt butterflies like this.
Teaching at a small local preschool doesn’t present many opportunities for romance.
Yet, that security lesson may have been one in disguise…
Now, I’m seeing things in Conrad I’d never noticed before.
He’s strong, protective and mature. Nothing like all the other boys in Tracey Creek.
Something about him excites me, invites me in, but… he isn’t from here.
People don’t cover a co-worker for a few months and suddenly decide to move there… do they?
What happens when he returns to the city?

Well, Tracey Creek is definitely different to the city… and so are the people.
Amelia had this enchanting allure to her from the start, even in passing at the gym, but seeing her from across the classroom made my heart jump.
Yet, the last time it did that, it was all a lie.
What if my heart has it wrong again?
Should I move my entire life here over just a feeling? A very strong feeling…
If I commit to this new venture then everything will change; my job, my home, everything… and I’m not sure if it will be in a good way or bad.
Could Amelia be a risk worth taking?

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