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connor, brynn hale

Connor (Love Under Construction #3) by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


She’s against office romances but letting down her guard with Connor is way too easy. After his divorce he called it quits on loving ever again. Will a night of honesty set them both free?

Many call me wallflower, but I’m just watching and waiting for my chance to shine.
When the quiet and hard-to-read Connor invites me out for drinks, I should say no.
Office romances never work out but…
Connor makes me laugh like no one ever has, understands my struggles, and might just be the foundation I’ve been looking for in my life.
Can I bring out his emotions to truly know the man behind the distant smile the way he brings out my passions?
Or will the past walls of his divorce be too tall for us to climb over?

Working for a family owned company doesn’t have a lot of perks.
It’s long hours, giving my all, but I do it because family means so much to me.
When I step into my brother’s office, his administrative assistant’s smile makes the trials and tribulations all worthwhile.
After my divorce, I’m reluctant to give love another go.
But the sweet, bashful but spirited Annette has me questioning what actually means the most to me.
If peel back the layers of both of us, what I find might be a fixer-upper relationship we can both call home.
This time, I’m building a forever love.

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