Confessions of a Jealous Jerk by Chelsea McDonald (ePUB)

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Confessions of a Jealous Jerk (Frat House Confessions #1) by Chelsea McDonald – Free eBooks Download


Hayley Jessup.
I’ve been waiting for a hero, a knight in shining armor, to show up in my life. When it turns out that I’ve kissed yet another frog I feel helpless, pathetic and ready to put away my glass slippers. As it turns out, the dating game is a lot harder in real life than it is in the movies. Heartbroken with nowhere to turn, I run right into the arms of one of the only people I trust.

Corbin McKenna.
It’s late one night when Hayley Jessup, my best friend’s little sister, shows up on my doorstep looking for her brother. Given the late hour and the tears streaming down her face, my heart trips over itself while my hands fist angrily in my pockets. With her brother preoccupied, I welcome Hayley with open arms and a place to crash. There’s so much I want to know, want to say but if I crossed that line, there would be no going back.

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