Commander in Briefs Box Set by Kristy Marie (ePUB)

commander in briefs, kristy marie

Commander in Briefs Box Set (Commander in Briefs #0.5-4) by Kristy Marie – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to the McCallister Jameson Foundation, the home to the hottest men with the surliest attitudes. Sure, they’re broody, stubborn, and stupid hot, but deep down, all they need is a little patience and a sassy woman to change their ways.
All books are standalone with crossover characters.
Set Includes:
Pitcher- A friends to lovers prequel novella

I loved him, okay? I know I said we were just friends, but relationships change. So I asked him for a favor. It wasn’t a big deal—famous last words.

Commander- A friends to lovers romance
Turns out, asking your friend to take your V-card is a huge deal—so is taking in six Marines. But mine and Theo’s relationship has seen worse. We’ll make it through this together. Hopefully. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

Gorgeous- An enemies to lovers romance
I made a rash decision, but I promised my brother I would always look out for his mentor—even after his death. It’s just… his mentor isn’t very receptive to my arrival. And, if he asks me one more time if he can offer me a ride home, I might bury his keys right along with his awful attitude.

Drifter- An enemies to lovers romance
I stole his bike. I had to. I needed it more than he did at the moment. But Connor Hayes doesn’t agree. Now I’m stuck paying back a debt to a man whose body belongs on a cover of a magazine and a smile that decimates my will power.

Interpreter- A teacher-teacher romance
I have my own problems like finding another job before my work visa expires. I don’t need another role in interpreting for my new co-teacher. His constant frown and lousy attitude are sure to make my last remaining months in the United States a horrible one. However, he does make one pretty paperweight.

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