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color me lucky, jen talty

Color Me Lucky (The Monroes #4) by Jen Talty – Free eBooks Download


Robert Monroe sold five romances under a pen name and they did well enough. He sold his first gay romance under his real name and it hit number one. The pressure to follow it up with a second bestseller is overwhelming and Bobby is afraid that not only will his story suck, but he’ll go down as a one hit wonder in the book world.
Or worse, the publisher will make him go back to writing straight romances under the name Roberta.

Wendel “Navy” Sinclair has spent forty years chasing the adrenaline rush in his career while keeping his personal life private. Other than his boss, a few close friends, and his mother, most people never knew he was a gay man. He never liked drawing attention to himself, so when he begins a romantic relationship with Bobby Monroe, and open gay man, Navy isn’t prepared for being tossed into the spotlight, having his privacy invaded in the middle of the night, or having his darkest secrets plucked from his closet and plastered all over page 6.

The question is: will Navy be able to come to terms with what being in a committed relationship really means, or will he go back to his lonely existence, only reading about true love in books.

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