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Collateral Damage (Wildwood Construction #5) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


There’s a storm brewing in Wildwood. A once in a generation storm that could level the town of Wildwood.

“Mac” Newman:
My best friend just found the love of his life but I don’t believe in the rumors starting to circulate through Wildwood Construction. There’s no magic. No love for every man in the calendar. It’s all a strange coincidence that they’re starting to fall like dominoes.
I know I sure as hell don’t deserve it. I’ve lived all over the place, moving on when my temper overwhelms me and I get in trouble for something stupid. My bad reputation always follows me though.
But I’ve found my home here with these men and I don’t want to leave. I sure don’t want to complicate my life with crazy thoughts of love. Until a tiny woman named Rally arrives right in front of a wild storm. I can’t seem to stay away from her. But she’s going to leave as soon as the storm is passed. I want my home but my heart wants the girl. What should I do?

Rally Baxter:
The day I’ve dreamed about is finally here. The massive storm that could bring a breakthrough in storm warning. I’m working with a renowned scientist to get the information she needs to make an advanced warning system that could revolutionize the industry. It’s a huge honor to be involved in some thing so needed.
But from the day I hit town, Mac Newman is around every corner trying to stop me from doing what I came to do. I don’t need some overprotective, macho man telling me my job is too dangerous. I just need him to stay out of my way.
Try telling the huge, hulking grump that, though.
When the storm hits, the only thing standing between me and certain disaster is my nemesis. When it all comes down to it, what do I really want for my future? A home and a man who loves me or the excitement of chasing the storms?

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