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collateral damage, ashe barker

Collateral Damage (Dom’s Justice #1) by Ashe Barker – Free eBooks Download


My life was fine. Not remarkable, but I was doing OK. A steady job, a half-decent flat. I even had a Swiss cheese plant that somehow managed not to die on me. I suppose you might even say my life was boring, until a phone call from my dad turned everything I thought I knew on its head.
My dad owes money. An eye-watering amount. A fortune, in fact. And it has to be paid back or he’ll lose his home. I’m all my dad has left and can’t let that happen.
Joel Bulgari is a hard man to bargain with. He demands payment, he wants his pound of flesh. My flesh, to be specific. He wants me.
In return for my dad’s home back, I am to give Joel Bulgari six months of my life.
I am to be at his beck and call, twenty four hours a day. His, to with as he pleases, to obey his every command and satisfy his every dark and twisted wish.
Joel Bulgari scares me, but not as much as I scare myself when I realise I might actually like what he’s doing to me. Dominant, demanding, powerful, Joel Bulgari is not what he seems and he wants more than just money from my dad.
He wants justice. He’s determined to have it. And I’m to be collateral damage.

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