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Cole (Wounded Sons #5) by Leah Sharelle – Free eBooks Download


Cole Stephens lives his life in the shadows. His role in Team FIVE demands it. Staying under the radar, and embracing the darkness is how he earned his mission name, Ghost. He leaves no trail, has no ties, and do not look for complications. He likes his life, following in the footsteps of his hero. His father.
Until one mission when tragedy strikes, suddenly Cole forgets his self-control and finds a moment of solace out of the darkness in the arms of a temptress. And just like that, Cole craves the light over the darkness.

Oaklee Banks, has had a lot thrown at her in her twenty-two years. A product of a teen pregnancy, she spent her childhood knowing what it felt like to be unwanted by her own parents. Her teen years were a succession of being hospitalised trying to overcome a disorder caused by her parent’s lack of concern and love. Had it not been for her loving grandparents and bestie, Thayer, she would have never crawled out of the hell she lived for years.

Finally healthy and finding her way in life, Oaklee was content with her path. Then, after one night with her boss’s son, she discovered why the universe chose to save her. Cole was everything to her, he did not see a sick woman, he did not see her as a pest. He saw her.

Can Cole and Oaklee have it all? Or will their choice to be together splinter everything that is important to them?

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