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As long as there’s hockey, everything will be ok.
It only takes one night to lose everything. My dream and my heart shatter with one slip.
I was broken and it kept getting worse, but Carter saved me. He’s not known for being the good guy, but he turned into someone I can go to on my worst days.
We’re just friends, but those sweet touches and lingering grazes are getting complicated.
He’s the only one I trust, but how can I keep letting my friends down after everything I put them through?

It’s easier to be alone. There’s secrets and demons I have to keep hidden, and I’d rather everyone hate me than hurt someone I love.
Being with Willa makes me want to be better. A good man. I can’t give her what she needs, but I can never say no to her. It wasn’t supposed to get this far.
How could I ever be the man that deserves her when I’m just like my father?

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