Cold Day Dawning by Thom Collins (ePUB)

cold dawning, thom collins

Cold Day Dawning (Jagged Shores #4) by Thom Collins – Free eBooks Download


Danger comes in the cold of morning.

It should be the perfect weekend away. Dalton Caine makes the long journey to Nyemouth to attend a party hosted by his sister. Catherine is estranged from most of the family, but Dalton feels the time has come to build bridges between them. Things don’ t turn out how he wants, however, when Catherine gives him a cold reception at the party. But the evening is not a complete waste of time when he meets local photographer Antoni.
Following a near-fatal attack six months earlier, Antoni has struggled with his physical and mental recovery. Catherine’ s party is the first time he has been out at night since then, and he’ s ready for an early exit when he meets Dalton. The stranger is warm, friendly and incredibly handsome. When Antoni overcomes his reservations and accepts a drink at Dalton’ s hotel, it could be the start of something new for them both.
Despite the joy of fresh romance, things soon take a darker turn. The morning after the party, Catherine’ s boyfriend reports her missing. Dalton isn’ t initially concerned. Catherine has disappeared of her own will before, and he’ s more interested in getting to know Antoni, but the men soon find themselves at the centre of a twisted mystery, one that puts both of their lives at risk.

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