Cody’s Choice by Zack Wish (ePUB)

cody's choice, zack wish

Cody’s Choice (The Littles Of Cape Daddy #3) by Zack Wish, Lana Kyle – Free eBooks Download


Life in Cape Daddy is all about fun, friends, and party time. I think I might need to choose a Daddy to help me achieve my dreams…
Cody was a Little who loved to party. The longer and crazier the party, the better. Cody had friends, confidence by the bucket load and a smile that would melt a million hearts.
But Cody’s beginning to think that there might be more to life. Cody has some things he’d like to achieve, but he doesn’t know where to start and feels helpless. Cody might just need to find a Daddy.
Ryder knows all about hard work. His powerful body is a testament to many years of hard, rigorous woodworking labor in the Cape Daddy forests. From sunrise to sunset, Ryder demands the highest standards of himself and anyone who he encountered. Ryder doesn’t take nonsense from anyone – especially not foolish boys.
Sparks fly when Cody and Ryder meet. The chemistry is undeniable, but they are so different. How could it ever work between them? This could get complicated very quickly indeed.
A greedy landowner from outside of the Cape Daddy community puts both Cody and Ryder’s lives in jeopardy. Cody and Ryder need to stand together and fight – but has Cody got what it takes to work alongside Ryder to make things right? And can Cody make the right choice when the heat is on?

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