Code Name: Gemini by Janie Crouch (ePUB)

gemini, janie crouch

Code Name: Gemini by Janie Crouch, Danielle M. Haas – Free eBooks Download


Tasha Volkov has been on the run for three years from a brutal cartel who want her dead.

Aka: her family.

She already paid a heavy price for crossing them, and has the scars to prove it. Her only choice is to keep running, even if the tiny town of Pine Valley feels more like home to her than anywhere else she’s ever been.
The last place Zodiac Tactical agent Andrew Zimmerman expected to find the missing Volkov sister was with his friends at the Crossroads Mountain Retreat in the mountains of Tennessee—a place for wounded law enforcement and veterans to heal.
Tasha may not have been the one who gave the order that killed his wife—and very nearly killed him and his twin baby girls—but she can lead Andrew to the man who did.
And Andrew’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

No matter how much Tasha’s vulnerability pulls at him. No matter if everything about her screams innocent, not guilty. No matter how his gut says to keep her safe and close to him.
He thinks he knows all her secrets. But he doesn’t.
Turns out, neither does she…

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  • Code Name: Gemini – Janie Crouch, Danielle M. Haas ePUB



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