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Clover (The Italian Cartel #9) by Shandi Boyes – Free eBooks Download


I kill for the money.
The thrill.
The condemnation.

I plan to go to hell, so why not have some fun during the prolonged detour?
But today… today I made an exception.

Estelle Armstead was an easy mark. I could have ended her life the instant she opened her front door, refunded the one hundred thousand dollars my client paid to cause a ruckus, then went on my merry way.
What stopped me? The simple answer is entertainment. One person’s death can be easily replaced by another, but true entertainment for a man as immorally corrupt as me is hard to come by.

Most men flounder when they see me, but Estelle took my bad temper in stride like it’s a nasty side dish she can make more pleasant with a sprinkling of seasoning.
I don’t have the heart to tell her that won’t be the case. I was born evil, bred evil, and I will die evil. But just like straitlaced men, murderers have needs too. Needs I can see Estelle’s tight body and sassy mouth fulfilling.
I’ve just got to take care of one matter first. The three hundred-thousand-dollar bounty on her head, and the weasel she calls her boyfriend.

Clover is book 9 in the highly anticipated Italian Cartel Series. Although it can be read as a standalone it would be more enjoyable after the first three books in the series. Clover is mean, rough, and kills for a living. If grumpy alphas aren’t your thing, his story may not be for you. Reader discretion is advised.

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