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close call, ki stephens

Close Call (Coastal Rivals #2) by Ki Stephens – Free eBooks Download


EMMY Fuller has always been a dreamer, searching for her fairytale romance amidst the campus greens. But after stepping away from the cheer squad due to her health, she’s struggling to navigate a new normal. No longer a part of the world she once adored, Emmy moves in with her childhood friend and unwittingly, the co-captain of the one guy she can’t get out of her head.
HAYES Grecco is living the dream. He’s Dayton’s star shortstop, with an infectious smile and a knack for charming his way through life. But one messy night turns his whole world upside down. Just when things are heating up at home, an urgent call sends him rushing out, leaving Emmy alone and waiting in his shower. Caught by the cops, Hayes takes the fall for his younger brother and lands himself a night in jail.
The result? Academic probation and a suspension from the baseball team. Not to mention, a bewildered Emmy who’s left to pick up the pieces, wondering if the budding connection they shared was as real to him as it was to her.
Despite the tension, the two of them are drawn together by more than just circumstance. But with Hayes’s future in jeapardy and Emmy’s health issues looming, can they build something lasting amidst the chaos, or will their connection be another casualty of college life?

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