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Clive (Rangers in Alaska #5) by Emily Evans – Free eBooks Download


This could be literal fatal attraction.
I can’t believe I actually came off the road because I was ogling him.
But who can blame me, Clive is a catch.
I know I came here for some girl on girl bonding time with Willow, so she could show me where she is
putting down roots.
Yet, I can’t help but feel pulled to him and his rock-hard abs.
He seems so carefree and… unattached.
And Willow seems all too eager to play matchmaker.
If he is unbothered by labels, then aren’t we a perfect fit?
Can this be the sensual summer fling that I’ve always wanted? Or is it becoming something more?

Already playing the hero to her damsel in distress, I’m in with a shout.
And from what Gabriel says, Lia is no commitment-lover either.
With relationships over-complicating everything, it’s rare to find an open-minded woman.
Could she be the free-spirited, no-label, kind of girl that I’m looking for?
She came here for Gabriel’s fiancé but I’m sensing her motives may have changed.
And Gabriel and Willow are all to happy to pair us off.
She’s beautiful, talkative and undeniably sexy!
We can have all the fun without the labels…
But are we too perfect a match to ignore?

After the trials and tribulations of a grueling military life, we, six army veterans, plan to retreat to a more peaceful life. Yet, this small secluded mountain town is no ordinary recluse, with the power of love running deep within its water and into its residents hearts. As we prepare to settle for a quiet life of isolation, fate has other plans in store. Even the strongest men seem no match for the mountains will, and when fascinating new women arrive in the village the game has only just begun. Each chance encounter holds a promise of a budding romance… for those who are daring enough to take it.

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