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Clean Cut (Hat Trick Barbershop #2) by Mayra Statham – Free eBooks Download


Santos Benitez has always been grateful for his aunt and uncle for stepping up and taking him and his brother in after they lost their parents at a young age. He learned early how fragile life is and how deep the pain of losing someone you love can cut.
A lesson he was just reminded of when his Tio passed unexpectedly. To save himself from further grief, he’s avoided relationships and commitments. All he has to offer is an easy smile and a good time.
That is until his Tia’s new neighbor slowly gets under his skin. She’s way too young for the shadows she has in her eyes, and there is something about single mom Celia Moreno that draws him in and makes the lessons life has taught him fades away.
Santos finds himself spending more and more time with the single mom and her little mini-me. But does he really have it in himself to take a chance and offer Celia his heart, or will it have to be a clean cut when they part ways?

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