Claws of Destiny by Ursula Fleet (ePUB)

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Claws of Destiny (My Fated Zodiac Harem #4) by Ursula Fleet – Free eBooks Download


What’s huge and razor-teethed and Void all over? Dunno, but maybe try running…

One person losing their mind is bad, but fifty all at once? That’s no coincidence. Casper is dead so I’m all out of prime suspects, but this attack hit real close to a place I once called home, and I can’t ignore it.
With a growing Zodiac harem of men to show me what love means, I thought I could forget the family who abandoned me. Facing ancient evil is one thing, but facing my past? Forget about it.
Sheldon thinks it’s a good idea, but he’s got more layers than a New Yorker’s outfit in January. I’m pretty sure he’s breaking Rule #1: Thou shalt not keep any more goddamn secrets, dude. Whatever he’s trying to protect me from, his lips are zipped and I’m dying to know.
Also, I might die if I don’t find out.
I’ll need my fourth Zodiac man to protect me from the toughest monster we’ve faced yet… but which of us will crack his shell first?

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