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Claiming a Cowboy (Real Good Men of Oklahoma #2) by Daisy Gold – Free eBooks Download


My sister promised me the perfect summer—three months hanging out together with her new baby on her hunky husband’s family farm in Oklahoma. Three months without my father harassing me to pick up extra shifts at work or scowling at me from his recliner. A whole summer of cute cows and pretty pastures and handsome cowboys to look at.
Sure, the biggest, hottest, handsomest of those cowboys humiliated me at my sister’s wedding a year ago, but I can’t really blame him—he’s strong and gorgeous and so much older than me. I should’ve asked permission before I tried to kiss him. It was a foolish impulse in a foolish moment, and it might have ended badly, but I know I’ll keep that kiss in my heart forever.

One year ago, Chloe Kady rocked my world with a single kiss, and I haven’t stopped thinking of her since—even if I turned her down in the worst way possible. It’s bad enough she’s coming to stay at the farm for three months, but Nash asking me to drive down to Florida and pick her up is an epic nightmare.
Chloe is my perfect woman—sweet, devoted, smart, and sassy. Her gorgeous curves drive me to distraction whenever we’re in the same room… which is a lot more often than I’d expected. I’d love to make her mine, but I’m way too old for her, and she hates my guts for what I did the night she kissed me. I don’t know if I can fix that last part, but I’ll die tryin’.

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