Claimed By the Warlord by V. K. Ludwig (ePUB)

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Claimed by the Warlord (Ash Planet Warriors #2) by V. K. Ludwig – Free eBooks Download


She’s the female I can’t have. If I take her, she’ll die.
As Warlord of the largest tribe on Solgad, my obligations are many. With a new strain of ice fever running rampant among the freeraiders, the team of healers supplied by the Empire is a welcome relief.
Until one of them arrives at Noja with her body begging to be bred, the scent of her heat a dangerous temptation. I save her from a group of rutting Jal’zar warriors, only to lock her in a room with the deadliest of them: me.
I carry a terrible curse.
Every female I touch dies.
No matter how much I long for this woman, I can’t let my instincts put Jessica at risk. As a father, neither can I afford to open my soul to what will only end in heartbreak and loss.
I am a male doomed to remain alone.
Unable to afford love because no female had ever survived it.
Neither will she.

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