Claimed By the Vampire Prince by Electra Cage (ePUB)

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Claimed by the Vampire Prince (Royal Vampires #4) by Electra Cage – Free eBooks Download


He forced me into a blood oath. Now I have to do whatever he asks.
He had me bound to do his bidding and made me his prisoner.
I hate how helpless I am, how he’s stolen my powerful witch magic.
I hate even more how his lingering, hot stare makes my innocent body react.
He played me until I had no strength left, leaving me frustrated and wanting.
It only proves that I can’t trust vampires, especially not royalty.
Yet underneath the darkness that he wields I wonder if there is something else.
If the brutal vampire prince is hiding something tender inside of him.
But it doesn’t matter, because I will never find out.
I will ignore the craving of my body and steel my will.
I will resist his so-called protection and fight the desire in my veins.
But when all fails and the world comes trembling down, I have to ask myself:
How much longer until I beg him to claim me?

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