Claimed By the Sultan by Kallista Dane (ePUB)

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Claimed By the Sultan (Forever Yours #3) by Kallista Dane – Free eBooks Download


Bree spent years studying ancient worlds
Until the day she woke up prisoner in a sultan’s harem
Knocked out in a sandstorm, archaeologist Sabrina Dennison opened her eyes to find herself queen of the ancient realm she’d been piecing together from shards of pottery and a few cryptic lines in the Old Testament.
As queen, she’s been promised to the ruler of a distant land. On the way to meet her bridegroom, Sabrina’s caravan is attacked and she ends up alone, lost in the desert.
Bree is on the brink of death when Sultan Tahraz finds her and takes her back to his hidden oasis, planning to add her to his harem. But Bree refuses to become one of his compliant slaves. Though she finds him wickedly attractive, she’s a queen and she demands to be treated like one.
Tahraz is determined to tame his feisty captive but she suggests a daring wager. If he wins their competition, she’ll be his prize, submit to his every command. But if she wins, he must send her back to her people.
To his surprise, the female is a worthy opponent and Tahraz finds his respect for her mind growing almost as fast as his hunger to claim her lush body.
Sabrina is amazed to find the Sultan isn’t the tyrant she first met, but a wise intelligent ruler. As their contest goes on, she’s tempted by the Sultan’s seductive ways. But she fears if she gives in to the passion he stirs in her, he’ll go back to treating her as his slave.
When Tahraz is injured, Bree must choose. Will she take her chance and escape? Or has the Sultan already won the biggest prize of all – her heart?

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