Claimed By The Savage Alien Orxlon by Eden Ember (ePUB)

claimed savage alien, eden ember

Claimed By The Savage Alien Orxlon (Supernova Escapes) by Starr Huntress, Eden Ember – Free eBooks Download


The smoking hot alien captain vows to claim me as his mate.

I thought I’d won a dream vacation to some kind of tropical paradise, until I discovered the freaking travel agency is actually a “mail order bride agency.” I show up with my swim suit and sunscreen in hand and instead I’m presented with a savage alien barking orders at me to follow him onto his giant spaceship.
Yet despite his rudeness, my heart skips a beat. I swore I’d never forge a relationship with an alien. I’m not like those flighty starlets in Hollywood who only go for the physical. I can’t possibly have actual feelings for this barbaric alien.

All I want is to go home, but he wants to claim me as his mate and I don’t know if I can say no to his desirous gaze, his rousing touch, and his muscled body.

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  • Claimed By The Savage Alien Orxlon – Starr Huntress, Eden Ember ePUB



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