Claimed By the Monster by Lyra Atlas (ePUB)

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Claimed by the Monster (Dark Demon Royalty #1) by Lyra Atlas – Free eBooks Download


A powerful demon threw me over his shoulder, took me to his mansion, and tied me to the bed.
I had no idea that things like portals and shadow realms existed.
But when I stumbled upon an old spell book in the attic, I accidentally summoned a monster.
And now he says I’m his mate and he won’t let me go. Well, crap.

I run from him every chance I get, but I always get caught.
And every time he scolds me for my defiance, things are getting hotter and hotter.
I hate his guts, but I want his body against mine.
I hate his vicious tongue, but I want it in my mouth.

I refuse to love him, and I don’t need him to protect me.
But the shadow realm is a dangerous place for a human like me.
Soon, I’m surrounded by demons who all want a piece of me.
Will my cold-hearted abductor come for his fated mate?

Or will he leave me here, tied up, until I beg him for release?

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